Enoki Bacon

Enoki are mushrooms that has a delicate fruity flavor. It is also called Golden Needles or Snow Puffs. It is great for salads, stir fries and soups.  It could be eaten raw or slightly cooked. Enoki mushrooms are cancer killers and full of vitamins, and can also help your body to digest sugar and fat, which can help you lose weight. They are essential for brain development and can help prevent hypertension.

Enoki can be bought fresh or canned.  I have never tried the canned kind though,

The buttery taste of enoki pairs very well with the slight saltiness of bacon. Enoki bacon is popular Japanese dish.  This dish is very very simple to prepare.  You only need two ingredients, Enoki and Bacon.  No brainer right.

Here goes …..   


1 package Enoki Mushrooms

1/2 lb Lean bacon


Clean your enoki.  Make sure that you rinse them and get rid of the surface dirt. Cut the ends where the roots are.

Separate the mushroom into 8-10 bundles.

Wrap the bacon around the enoki.  Make sure that you wrap the bacon tightly around the mushroom. Secure with toothpicks.

Grill enoki-bacon bundles until bacon is slightly brown.


Try not to put the ends that have mushrooms sticking out over hot coals.  It burns the enoki quickly.

Make sure you use lean bacon.  Fatty bacon cooks a long time and burns the mushroom.  When mushroom burns it shrinks.

This dish does not require the bacon to be crisp.


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